Town Planning


We have a close-knit relationship with our architects and draftsmen that we have been working with for many years. We will assist you in allocating the appropriate firm to undertake and meet your needs and requirements based on the nature and size of your development. We will ensure that you will utilise the maximum potential of your site and surpass expectations. We will be constantly liaising with you and the architects and draftsmen to oversee the progress of your application and documents lodged with the relevant authorities. Our architects and draftsmen will ensure that their prices are fair and firm, whilst delivering professional service until your town planning permit is obtained

Townhouses, Knockdown Rebuild or Duplex Development

Project Modelling

We can arrange for a project model to replicate the exterior and interior of the project which real estate agents love as it assists them to better rent or sell your property.

Liaising with Service Providers

We will be delighted to help you foresee requirements that you may not be aware of and assist with your decision making on areas such as Melbourne water consent, water board PIC consent, owner corporation insurance and town planning inspections


We have a crew of demolition contractors and asbestos removal experts who take care in the demolition process including council asset protection with the demolition permit.

Our staff can also help add a personal touch to your project by letting you choose from a range of internal and external colours and finishes from our beautiful showroom.