About us


Our passion for construction started in 1999 and goes way beyond just service, design and style. We understand your approach towards your dream project. We believe that accomplishing a perfect project is a builder’s dream come true and we take pride in what we do to make those dreams a reality. Each individual project is managed with keen attention and given importance; much more than just brick and mortar. Our continuous commitment and dedication for what we do help us create remarkable footprints around southeastern Melbourne suburbs where we are well known as one of the best custom builders. We are confident that our endless efforts will help us create landmarks across Melbourne.


Our passion for construction declares our purpose as a company. Our aim is to offer our clients genuine advice on return on investments, tailoring the specifications to suit budgeted project costs and meet the needs of our clientele and to create significance to the project by capturing a sense of uniqueness. Our company’s policy is to offer a high-quality finish with friendly customer service and advice.


As we move towards our goal of being a market leader in the southeastern suburbs, we are creating a footprint in commercial building and creating more landmarks in the domestic building industry. We continuously work hard to analyze the market to maintain our competitive edge. We intend to invest, innovate and strive endlessly to provide our clients with high customer service standards and quality construction.

Townhouses, Knockdown Rebuild or Duplex Development

Project Modelling

We can arrange for a project model to replicate the exterior and interior of the project which real estate agents love as it assists them to better rent or sell your property.

Liaising with Service Providers

We will be delighted to help you foresee requirements that you may not be aware of and assist with your decision making on areas such as Melbourne water consent, water board PIC consent, owner corporation insurance and town planning inspections


We have a crew of demolition contractors and asbestos removal experts who take care in the demolition process including council asset protection with the demolition permit.

Our staff can also help add a personal touch to your project by letting you choose from a range of internal and external colours and finishes from our beautiful showroom.